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It is everyone’s constitutional right to expect to feel safe regarding their personal wellbeing and secure in their homes and communities.  It is the basic duties of the sheriff’s office to guarantee these rights; to protect and serve the people of Rush County.  If elected Sheriff I will carry out these duties with integrity, professionalism and commitment to protect you and your families.

My decision to run for Sheriff is due in part to the caring and understanding nature of the people who live here.  Having been raised in a rural farming community, I witnessed tremendous acts of kindness expressed to others in the community during my life.  On several occasions’ people of the farming community gathered to help another farmer who had fallen on hard times.  They came with their own equipment to plant or harvest that farmer’s crops with no expectations of reimbursement for time or expenses.  As an Indiana State Police Commander in 2008, I witnessed the same generosity shown to the Moscow community after a tornado had damaged or destroyed a great number of homes and property in the area.  Again, the people from all corners of the county who committed their labor and equipment to help fellow neighbors devastated by the storm was overwhelming.  Citizens from every community in this county have carried out acts such as these and more when others have been in a time of need.  These events had a profound effect on my views about the character of the people who live in Rush County and why I appreciate living here.
Being elected as Sheriff would not only be an honor but would also provide me with the opportunity to give back to a community that has been a wonderful and safe environment to raise a family and a place I proudly call home.

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